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Team "Service Area Administration"

The Service Area Administration is responsible for the commercial tasks within the ITMC. The focal points of the diverse range of tasks are, in particular, IT procurement, license management, IT controlling and internal organization and personnel management. This requires professional specialization and close integration within the team as well as continuous coordination and cooperation with the administration.

In the Service Area Administration, all procurements from pencils to tenders for large-scale scientific equipment are prepared and processed. This includes all specifications and processes related to the purchasing activities of the ITMC and the procurement of hardware and software for the organizational units served by the ITMC. The team bundles the necessary expertise for the professional application of procurement and budgetary regulations in close coordination with the central procurement department at TU Dortmund University. In addition, the team is responsible for the processing of all internal settlements as well as contract management.

Presentation of the cycle of demand, consulting, license negotiation/procurement, installation, use, disposal up to the demand again © ITMC​/​TU Dortmund

Meaningful key figures and needs-based controlling are important prerequisites for successful management of the ITMC. For this reason, the team collects, documents and evaluates relevant key figures. Information that helps to control the ITMC processes and thus to improve them is considered to be a key performance indicator. 

The current challenges with regard to digital transformation must be taken into account and also have an impact on administration, e.g., license negotiations are becoming increasingly complex. License management must also reflect the new conditions in order to ensure compliant licensing at TU Dortmund University. Important aspects here are demand analyses, license measurement, subsequent use rights, as well as data protection and personnel law implications.

The exchange of experience within TU Dortmund University is of utmost importance, as is cooperation with other universities in order to identify common interests and create synergies. This strengthens our position vis-à-vis licensors and ensures a successful approach. This is why, for example, the all-encompassing topic of license management has developed into a highly complex task and is the full responsibility of the Administration service area.

Sandra Schiemann
Sandra Schiemann
Teamleader "Service Area Administration"
„Each of the four areas of responsibility thrives thanks to its dedicated employees!“
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