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Telephone Database

Telephony has changed drastically in recent years. From the analog connection, to a digital telephone exchange, we are now at VoIP (Voice over IP). The flexibilization that comes with it requires a lot more administration. A new database should solve this problem.

In the meantime, this database has been designed and implemented, thus reaching a milestone. The new database contains all information about telephony at TU Dortmund University:

  • Phone number
  • assigned person
  • Room information
  • line routes
  • telephony system
  • etc...

It has become the tool for the telephony department of ITMC. The following operations can now be performed quickly and easily in all telephony systems:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Requesting a telephone connection
  • Telephone re-registration
  • Deregistration of a connection

What else needs to be done ...

The ITMC is working on a self-service interface so that the above processes, except for troubleshooting, can be performed independently.

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