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Advisory Board of the ITMC

The tasks of the Advisory Board for the ITMC are described in § 5 of the "Statutes Information Technology and Media Centre (ITMC)":

  1. In order to ensure user orientation, an Advisory Board is set up to support and monitor the work of the ITMC.
  2. The Advisory Board is appointed by the Rectorate of the Technical University of Dortmund for a term of four years; the Rectorate may revoke the appointment at any time without stating reasons. The term of office for members of the student group is one year. Re-appointment is possible.
  3. The Advisory Board shall represent the main university users of IT and media services, in particular the faculties. The advisory board consists of the following members: The members according to lit. a) to c) are appointed by the rectorate on the recommendation of the senate, the members according to lit. d) to f) are appointed directly by the rectorate.
    • a) two members from the group of university teachers,
    • b) one member from the group of students,
    • c) one member of the academic staff and four employees,
    • d) a member of the technical and administrative staff,
    • e) a member of the group of IT representatives of the faculties,
    • f) an external member.   
  4. Membership is personal and not to be transferred to a substitute.
  5. The Advisory Board shall adopt a position:
    • the development concept of the ITMC,
    • Budget planning for the ITMC - the service catalogue,
    • of the target agreement,
    • the annual report.
  6. The Advisory Board meets at least three times a year.
  7. The Head of the ITMC invites to the meetings of the Advisory Board and chairs the meetings. The Head is not entitled to vote.
  8. The Advisory Board may draw up its own rules of procedure.