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Security Information Center

The SIC and specialist departments of the ITMC are taking various measures to increase the security of IT at TU Dortmund University.

We inform

We react via

  • incident handling:
  • computer/network locks
  • forensics

We prevent through

  • port blocking against worms at the gateway
  • anomaly discovery at the gateway
  • virus and spam filter in the Unimailer
  • Antivirussoftware for workplaces
  • central Windows Update Server
  • central data backup service
  • securing the wireless network


Who are we?

The IT Security Information Center bundles the competences to recognise security-relevant incidents in IT and to deal with them appropriately.

The SIC was founded in August 2004 on the initiative of the HRZ (now ITMC). The number of hacked computers, the number of viruses and the associated workload increased to such an extent that a central contact point for information and handling of this problem became necessary.

The SIC is located in the Desktop & Basic Services Department of the ITMC. There is close cooperation with other departments of the ITMC and other institutions of the university.

We have set ourselves the task of increasing security in the networks, servers and workstation computers at TU Dortmund University. To this end, we mainly want to inform and train to recognise and ward off dangers at an early stage.

Since we certainly cannot prevent all attacks, we also help those affected to restore a workable and safer IT environment as quickly as possible in the event of damage.

IT security is a process, not a state. For this reason, these pages are constantly being developed and updated.

When are we responsible?

  • For hacked servers
  • For hacked workstations
  • Denial of Service attacks
  • In the case of network abuse

We are not responsible for:

  • Application problems
  • Virus removal
  • General computer problems

The Team from SIC