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Completed Project

Remote Service Desk

Project Duration

01.01.2013 - due to permanent maintenance and further development, an end is not foreseen

Project Description

The service enables users to be helped quickly with IT problems without having to be directly on site. Users can report a problem to the helpdesk without much trouble or terminology. The supported user systems can also be updated promptly in the event of manufacturer-specific problems without AutoUpdate.

The system is provided as a service to the Ruhr University Bochum.

The University of Duisburg-Essen is currently (Q1/2016) in the final test phase and also wants to use the service at  TU Dortmund University.


Time savings for the support as well as for the user

Customer Benefits

  • Reduction of support and response times in the ServiceDesk
  • Better problem description through a view of the workplace
  • Mobile and can be used independently of the employee's workplace
  • Possibility of remote maintenance/software updates to prevent recognisable problems in advance due to missing autoupdate function
  • Possibility of demonstration/instruction for the user without being on site

Project Management