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TU Network / Datanet

The following communication networks are operated by the ITMC within the TU Dortmund:

Router with free and occupied slots © Pixabay


The ITMC operates the internal university computer network, the internal university radio network structure and the university's connections to external Internet providers.

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The ITMC offers secure access to the university's intranet via a so-called VPN (Virtual Private Network).

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Telephone with display with TU logo © ITMC-Grafikabteilung​/​TU Dortmund


The ITMC administers the TU Dortmund telephone system, IP telephony (telephony via the Internet) and mobile telephony.

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Smartphone neben Schloss inmitten von Sternenkreis © Pixabay


The ITMC operates the central firewall of the TU Dortmund University and provides virtual firewalls for TU Dortmund institutions to secure local subnets.

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Address Assignment / Management

The ITMC operates a Domain Name Server (DNS) to manage intra-university IP addresses and domain names.

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Multiple clocks with a keyboard in the background © Pixabay


By means of NTP, the clocks of computer systems are synchronized. In addition, the university operates its own clock system.

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Mast with different antennas in front of a blue sky © Pixabay

Transmitter / Antenna System

The ITMC is the university's point of contact with the Federal Network Agency for Telecommunications and Posts. It operates the university's broadcasting and antenna systems (e.g. radio technology in lecture halls, radio and TV transmitters) that require approval.