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Practical Helpers at the TU

Applications of the TU

ServicePortal on a tablet © Saskia Molewicz​/​TU Dortmund


The ServicePortal is a development of the ITMC. It provides you with TU information and services. Some are already accessible without registering as a TU member. Most services are personalised, i.e. dependent on your function at TU Dortmund University.


Students on campus are looking at their smartphones. Icons of the TU App are shown on the right side of the picture. © Saskia Molewicz​/​TU Dortmund

TU Dortmund-App

The TU Dortmund University app is also a development of the ITMC. It is a practical helper on your smartphone. There you can find information such as news, canteen schedules, events, LSF, people search, campus navigation and much more.

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