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Privacy / GDPR

Information on IT Services According to GDPR

In accordance with the ITMC User Regulations §7/(4), the ITMC collects personal data in some cases for individual IT services. On this website, the ITMC informs about the details of the personal data collected for these IT services.

For further questions, please contact the Data Protection Officer or the ITMC.

Network Infrastructure WLAN / LAN

For each device that uses the TU Dortmund network infrastructure via WLAN / LAN for external connections, the following data is collected and stored for a period of 14 days in accordance with the ITMC usage regulations §7/(4),a),c),e),f):

  • IP address of the end device
  • IP address of the destination
  • Internet protocol
  • Source and destination port
  • Number of data packets
  • Size of data packets
  • Time and duration of the connection