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Server / Storage / Backups

The ITMC operates various servers itself, but also provides virtual servers to the TU Dortmund institutions. In addition, the ITMC offers a backup service for backing up data from servers and workstations.

The ITMC offers two variants: The operating system image can be either one provided by the customer or a standard image.

Virtual Server / Own Image

A virtual server is provided, which is installed and maintained by the customer on his own responsibility. A VMWare-compatible operating system image is required for the setup.

Software maintenance by the ITMC does not take place.

Virtual Server / Default Image

Virtual servers based on VMWare with an executable, pre-installed operating system are provided, which are then operated by the customer under his own responsibility.

Detailed Information / Request Form

The ITMC operates the university's central web server.

The facilities also have (virtual) web servers at their disposal, in particular for:

  • the hosting of own web services
  • the hosting of web services within the framework of cooperations involving university institutions

Users are offered workspaces that they can administer themselves. The individual web offerings also include additional functions such as:

  • Script languages
  • Databases (mysql, PostgreSQL)
  • Secure access for data transfer
  • Usage statistics

Requests for Webservers

In the case of network-supported licenses, for which a release of the software in the TU network is required at the time of the call, the ITMC operates the necessary license servers.

These license servers manage TU-wide software licenses as well as local software licenses, e.g. of workgroups.

File-based backups of relevant data is offered for servers and workstations. The backup service is based on the Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) software.

Individual files or directories are backed up in several generations of backup copies on magnetic tapes, as specified by the user.

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