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Completed Project

ModeM - Modernisation of Media Technology in Centrally Managed Rooms

Project Duration

15.12.2014 - 14.12.2018

Project Description

With the multimedia presentation of teaching content, audiovisual presentation techniques are becoming increasingly important in lecture halls and seminar rooms.

In order to use digital presentation technology, it was necessary to renew and expand the projection technology at the TU Dortmund.

The measure now enables bright, high-resolution multimedia presentations of the most varied teaching content, adapted to the size of the room.

Simultaneously with the video technology, the speech intelligibility was improved in all lecture halls. Special room acoustic measures minimised reverberation times and, supported by the use of digital audio technology, optimised speech amplification.

Larger numbers of participants in lectures require the TU Dortmund to expand courses and transfer them to other rooms. The technology used offers students the opportunity to follow lectures audiovisually in connected rooms by transmitting the course content and the lecturer's image. In addition to lecture transmission, the new AV technology also allows lecturers to record their lectures independently.

A new lecturer's desk will be installed in each lecture hall for the use and operation of the new technology. It integrates presentation technologies such as pen tablets or visualisers and offers universal connection options for laptops and tablets. All desks are largely identically equipped. A touch panel is provided for the lecturers to operate the media technology.

Overall, with the renewal of the AV technology, the transition from analogue to digital presentation technology was completed. The use of these presentation components also offers an alternative to the chalkboard or overhead projector.

In summary, the modernisation offers:

  • Bright, high-resolution projectors in 26 lecture halls
  • Multiple projections (two or three independent beamer presentations)
  • Improvement of speech intelligibility through room acoustic measures and renewal of sound technology
  • Use of interactive presentation technology such as pen displays and visualisers
  • Extended participation in events through transmission to other lecture halls
  • Stand-alone lecture recording
  • Functional, largely identically designed lecturers' desks with a uniform operating concept
  • Touch panel operation of media technology

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The modernisation measures were only carried out in the lecture halls and relate to 26 rooms:

  • Audimax
  • Mathematics: E28 and E29
  • Hörsaalgebäude I: Hörsaal 3, Hörsaal 6
  • Hörsaalgebäude II: Hörsaal 1, Hörsaal 2, Hörsaal 3, Hörsaal 4, Hörsaal 5, Hörsaal 6, Hörsaal 7
  • Emil-Figge-Str. 50: Hörsaal 1, Hörsaal 2, Hörsaal 3
  • Seminarraumgebäude I: Hörsaal 001
  • Chemistry: Hörsaal 1, Hörsaal 2, Hörsaal 3
  • BCI: ZE01, ZE02 and ZE015
  • Geschossbau III: HS103
  • Maschinenbau: Hörsaal 1
  • Maschinenbau III: E.001
  • University Library: E5

In the course of the individual modernisation measures, components of the sound systems and video technology were renewed. In particular, the presentation technology was expanded. The five large lecture halls are equipped with triple projection, all other lecture halls with double projection. New lecturers' desks are available in all lecture halls. These desks (see also video below) have already been in operation for several months.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the project manager, Mr. Puziak.

The project name is an acronym and stands for "Modernisation of Media Technology."

Project Management

Peter Puziak (no longer working at TU Dortmund University)