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Who is responsible in my institution?

IT Representatives

IT representatives are the contact partners for structural or coordinating questions concerning the use and requirements of information technology in the respective institution, which have overall significance and effect. They act as spokespersons for the entire institution.

The tasks also include the coordination of the software license management for the faculty / institution. This includes in particular the authorization to order official software licenses in the software portal of the trading partner. You can name further persons who are entitled to order software. Details on this are described in the information on software licenses under Order Processing via the Trade Partner.

IT representative of the faculties

    IT representative Representation
FK 01 Mathematics Dr. Christian Becker Dr. Günter Skoruppa, Jens  Wilke
FK 02 Physics Dr. Carsten Nase  
FK 03 Chemistry and Chemical Biology Ralf Maserski Nils Schneider
FK 04 Computer Science Christoph Pleger Ralf Bormann
FK 05 Statistics Simon Ferber Dr. Uwe Ligges
FK 06 Biochemical and Chemical Engineering Mischa Schmitz  Andreas Mayländer
FK 07 Mechanical Engineering Kevin Weidler -
FK 08 Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Dipl.-Ing. Peter Resch Arne Moos
FK 09 Spatial Planning Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thinh René Westerholt
FK 10 Architecture and Civil Engineering Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ingo Münch  
FK 11 Business and Economics Prof. Dr. Manuel Wiesche Dr. Lars Metzger
FK 12 Educational Sciences and Psychology Dr. Susanne Palgen  
FK 13 Rehabilitation Sciences Prof. Dr. Christian Bühler  
FK 14 Humanities and Theology Matthias Heise Maria Möllenberg-Hemker
SC 15 Cultural Studies Hans-Raimar Simon Damian Stier
FK 16 Arts and Sport Sciences Clemens Völlmecke Bileam Kümper
FK 17 Social Sciences Michael Bödeker  

IT representatives of the central and overarching institutions

    IT representative Representation
Delta Center for Synchrotron Radiation Dr. D. Schirmer  
UB University Library Michael Schaarwächter  
ZHB Center of Higher Education    
  Foreign Languages Dr. Meni Syrou  
  Academic Teaching & Faculty Development Tobias R. Ortelt  
  Continuing Education Dipl.-Päd. Katja Leysdorff  
  Disability and Studies Marion Burghoff  
DoKoLL Dortmund Competence Center for Teacher Education and Teaching/Learning Research Cornelia Boskamp  
SFS Social Research Centre Michael Bödeker  
CET Center for Entrepreneurship & Transfer Sina Schmidt Dr. Christoph Besenfelder

Organisational information

An IT representative must be appointed for each faculty and institution. Representatives may be appointed. The appointment must be made by the dean of the institution. Please remember to inform us when a person leaves and to name the successor in good time!


In addition to the IT officers, departments and institutes can nominate other persons as IT partners who act as local contact persons for specific information and media technology issues and problems.

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