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ExaBase is the digital submission and assessment procedure for theses (BA/MA) at TU Dortmund University. ExaBase was developed to support the process of digitally submitting theses. The tool coordinates the necessary tasks and communication processes and supports those involved in processing the submission.

Project Duration

1.10.2018 - 1.4.2019

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One has often heard of theses being challenged. In that case, even after years, the original is needed to examine the thesis. The storage of theses therefore takes on great importance at TU Dortmund University and generates a great deal of work.

This situation and many other reasons led to the decision in April 2019 to digitise the submission of all theses. To make this possible, the CC Development of the ITMC created a concept, specified and implemented the ExaBase software and accompanied the introduction with support and training. In cooperation with the Department of Student Services, the project was realised and put into operation in record time.

However, ExaBase not only takes care of the work in a responsive, low-barrier web interface in TU Dortmund design. It also handles all communication with the examiners and the staff of the student services department.

Features of ExaBase

  • Everyone in the process knows which work step still needs to be done.
  • If desired, papers can be produced automatically in the Central Duplication Office and sent by in-house post to the examiners' office address.
  • Students are informed about a pending examination. They are informed in real time about the remaining work time and can upload backups of their work at any time.
  • Attachments to the work can be uploaded as well.
  • All uploaded files are tested for viruses.
  • Appraisals can be delegated if desired. Reports can also be shared with the other examiners if desired. It can be co-signed.
  • The work and the reports are archived for a long time.

ExaBase was introduced with a broad consensus at TU Dortmund University and has been working smoothly ever since.

Learn More about ExaBase in the ServicePortal