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PVP - Portal for the Allocation of Placements in the Practical Semester

Project Management

02.05.2012 - 31.07.2014

Project Description

Since spring 2015, the Master's students of the teaching profession have spent an entire semester on-site at the school. In order to optimally organise the distribution of students to schools statewide in coordination with the other teacher training universities, the centres for practical teacher training, the district governments and the schools, a central system for the allocation of internships in the practical semester (PVP) has been developed in recent years. Together with DoKoLL, the Campus Management team has provided organisational and technical support for the development of this system and its introduction on site. At the TU Dortmund University alone, almost 500 students have already been distributed to schools according to their wishes, and the third round will start soon. The ITMC also supports the DoKoLL in organising the orientation internship in the teacher training programme.
The ITMC also provides the central, technical operation of the PVP system as a service for all universities in the state.

Project Management