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Completed Project

Migration and Further Development of the Identity Management System

The Identity Management System serves as the central instance for the distribution of identity data within the IT infrastructure of TU Dortmund University. The previous system is currently being migrated to the SAP Identity Management System. At the same time, existing processes are being optimised and new services are being established.

Project Duration

15.07.2015 - 14.07.2017

Project Description

The identity management system at TU Dortmund University was introduced and established in 2009. This was triggered by the need for clear user administration and lifecycle management for the automated creation and withdrawal of digital identity data and accounts.
The SUN Identity Manager currently used for identity management was discontinued in December 2014 following the takeover of Sun by Oracle. The current system will be replaced by the SAP NetWaver Identity Manager as part of this project.

The IDM system serves as a central instance for the distribution of identity data and accounts within the IT infrastructure of TU Dortmund University. The identity data is obtained from different source systems, consolidated based on rules and automatically made available to corresponding target systems as needed. This central component provides value-added services such as Microsoft Exchange, SAP, UniCard and LSF or IT services such as VPN, eduRoam and library lending with valid user data. The SAP HCM for personnel administration and the HIS SOS for student administration are particularly noteworthy as source systems. Due to this component and the processes running in the background, it is not necessary to individually apply for and set up personalised accounts for staff and students who have been recorded in the named source systems.

The main component of the work in the migration project is to ensure data synchronisation and provisioning across all connected source and target systems.
source and target systems to be connected. At the same time, however, the integration of the new system into the predominantly heterogeneous IT environment at TU Dortmund University is intended to design and implement an improved infrastructure for data provisioning.

Since, due to the structures of TU Dortmund University, not only its own students and full-time employees have access to IT resources, but also other people such as study applicants, guests, cooperation partners, guest lecturers and external project employees, it is necessary to take these into account within the IT-supported processes of the IDM.

This integration is also to take place within the framework of the IDM project.

Project Objectives

  • Setting up the SAP NetWeaver IDM system
  • Connection of the source and target systems and, if necessary, revision of the previous mechanisms / interfaces
  • Realisation of existing processes
  • Transfer of user administration for the SAP ERP systems to the SAP IDM
  • Development of new components and services

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