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Communicate by e-mail

Mail Services at the TU-Dortmund

The ITMC has set up and manages a number of e-mail services so that TU members can send and receive e-mails as conveniently as possible.

The basic services are these:

Change of E-Mail Service

Another service of the ITMC is the change function. TU Dortmund University employees can change their e-mail service. As a rule, they switch from UniMail to an Exchange account. This service has been installed in the ServicePortal.

Change Service

Web Mailer

There are web interfaces for both services so that you can manage your e-mails anywhere.

UniMail     Exchange (OutlookWebApp)

Further Services of the ITMC on E-Mail

There are numerous other services for TU Dortmund University members on e-mail, all of which are described in the ServicePortal. For more information, please look there. You can also go directly to the corresponding applications there.

More Information in the ServicePortal