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Completed Project

Application Portal for International Prospective Students

Project Duration

01.04.2014 - 31.03.2016

Project Description

Due to the steadily increasing number of applications received from international prospective students for degree programmes at TU Dortmund University, it was necessary to establish an electronic procedure. For this purpose, corresponding application forms were created to receive application data and prepare it digitally for the results check.

Due to different organisational framework conditions and evaluation focuses, the forms and evaluation tools were set up separately for the following areas or faculties:

  • For the International Office, the form went live for the first time in the 2014 summer semester. The office generally checks and manages all incoming applications with the exception of the following degree programmes.
  • Form for the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering: went live for the 2015 winter semester. Acceptance of applications for the Master of Science in Manufacturing Technology degree programme.
  • Form for the Faculty of Bio- and Chemical Engineering: Going live in the winter semester 2016. Accepting applications for the degree programme Chemical Engineering and Process Systems Engineering.
  • Form for the Faculty of Electrical Engineering: Going live in the winter semester 2016. Acceptance of applications for the degree programme Automation and Robotics.

Customer Benefits

An online application via the respective web form differs from a paper-based portfolio or e-mail application primarily in that prospective students do not have to think as much about the preparation of their information. Corresponding questions or required information can be answered by short text entries or stored selection menus. The submission of required supporting documents, such as transcripts, certificates, etc., is also done in the form via document uploads, which are attached to the application data and sent together with it. Before an application is sent, the form data is checked for completeness and correctness, then entered into a database where it is automatically converted, evaluated according to certain criteria and categorised.  

For the areas listed above that conduct the assessment test, the application forms bring the advantage that those employed there can then use the evaluation tools to sift through the applicant data with much less effort.

Customer Feedback

The professional cooperation between the faculties and the ITMC, as well as the speedy implementation by the ITMC in line with the requirements, was particularly praised by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the International Affairs Department.

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Professor Erman Tekkaya
Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
„[...] Handling several hundred applications per year with reasonable effort is not possible without IT support [...]. The ITMC has thus contributed significantly to further increasing the efficiency of our processes.“

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