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Who is responsible for IT in my institution?

IT Partners

IT partners are the contacts at departmental or institute level who are responsible for the planning and use of software, computers and local networks.

Organizational Information

IT partners are our contact partners if we want to disseminate dv technical information (products, licenses, other information) more widely or if specific questions or problems (e.g. hacker attacks, network problems) need to be clarified.

Each department or institute can nominate an IT partner. An IT partner can be jointly responsible for several areas if they cooperate in IT technology.

The nomination can be made informally by e-mail. Please send messages to the Service Desk.

Only permanent employees can be nominated, since it can also be about questions that may require a quick and direct decision or technical system interventions that may affect the ability of the department or institute to work.

Please remember to inform us when a person leaves and to name the successor in good time!

In addition, IT officers act as official spokespersons for the departments' and faculties' I&C needs as well as for central institutions of the University and other Dortmund research institutions.

Mailing list

IT partners normally receive various types of information by post and by e-mail (via a mailing list).

The mailing list is a moderated list, i.e. only registered participants can send e-mails via the list. Therefore, please include the e-mail address of the new IT partner with the name. Self-registrations are possible, but are only actively entered in the list if the list administrator confirms the registration.

In addition to the IT partner, other persons are only included in the list if this has been confirmed beforehand by the IT partner or the head of the institution.

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