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Introducing ourselves

Team "Media Services"

Behind this name lies a wide range of tasks. The team's portfolio includes, for example, e-learning, media technology, graphics & image editing, web presence, video & video conferencing.

E-learning and Collaboration

The TU Dortmund supports almost all courses through media. This can involve the provision of teaching materials, e-mail communication between students and teachers, or the joint preparation of lectures or presentations. Special tools for conducting surveys are also offered. These services are available in the central learning platform Moodle. In addition, the support of collaborations is also part of the portfolio.

For many teachers, the support of scanning exams is important. After a short briefing by the ITMC, exam sheets can be created and printed with the help of central duplication. After scanning the completed exams, they can be evaluated.

There is also an increasing demand for the recording of courses, which teachers make available to the participants of their seminars. This makes it possible to repeat the course material or prepare for an exam.

Media Technology

Anyone who uses media in teaching also needs appropriate technology in the lecture halls and event rooms. The ITMC is responsible for setting up the centrally managed event rooms and ensures that faults are rectified as quickly as possible. In 2017/18, 26 lecture halls were modernized at a cost of approximately €3.6 million. This technology must be continuously adapted to current needs and developments; this is a major challenge in terms of financial resources and requires a great deal of organizational skill to cope with the tight schedule between semesters.

In recent years, due to the larger number of students, the broadcasting of events from one lecture hall to another has been added as an additional task.

Graphics & Image Editing

The layout and typesetting of flyers, brochures and posters as well as the design of business documents (e.g. stationery and business cards) takes a lot of time. The ITMC offers faculties and institutions professional support for this, from design to prepress.

Image editing and photomontage are also part of the ITMC's remit, which takes the necessary time to provide individual advice. In this area, the ITMC also trains digital&print media designers, specializing in conception and visualization.

Web Presence

The web presence is of crucial importance for faculties and institutions of the TU Dortmund University. The ITMC helps to create and maintain it in the corporate design of the TU Dortmund without the editors having to have programming experience and knowledge of HTML. The ServicePortal represents a special form of web presence: Via a personalized access, services of the ITMC, the UB, and the administration can be used directly.

Video & Videoconferencing

The ITMC of TU Dortmund operates two permanently installed HD video conference rooms. In addition, the ITMC produces videos of events, helps create image films, or records elaborate experiments to be shown in a lecture. For those who wish to create videos for teaching themselves, the ITMC provides a separate, easy-to-use studio and rental equipment. If necessary, instruction in camera and editing techniques is also offered.


The team is currently located at Otto-Hahn-Straße 12 and Emil-Figge-Straße 50. To contact us, please contact the ITMC Service Desk.

Markus Alex
Markus Alex
Teamleader "Media Services"
„The Media Services department covers a wide range of tasks: from consulting and creation around design and print products to moving image productions, plus technical support for the websites of the TU Dortmund University and its institutions. For teaching, we equip lecture halls and seminar rooms with media technology and support lecturers with tools, aids, software products and advice in order to conduct modern and varied courses with digital elements. The portfolio is rounded off by offerings in the area of IT-supported examinations.“
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