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Introducing ourselves

Team "IT Requirements Management / PPM "

The main focus of the team is on "IT Process Management" and "Requirements Management".

IT Process Management

We offer services in the analysis, documentation and improvement of university-specific business processes. By using a uniform methodology, a wide variety of processes and workflows are visualized and documented. The documented result of the analysis is the basis for a holistic and sustainable view of the business processes and identification of improvement potentials.

Requirements Management

We offer support and services in determining, analyzing and specifying the properties and framework conditions of software systems. This ensures that they provide the best possible support for the respective specialist processes. We ensure clear and unambiguous formulations of the requirements.

During the requirements analysis, we address the following questions, among others:

What are the

  • General framework conditions? Among other things, who are the stakeholders / participants in the process; defined cost framework?
  • Technical framework conditions? Among other things, question of existing systems; possible or necessary interfaces
  • functional or legal requirements?

What other criteria are decisive?

  • which quality criteria are important? E.g. fast response times, high user-friendliness, accessibility
  • expected number of users; definition of user roles
  • Is the acquisition future-proof? Can further processes be implemented with it in the future? Do the same / similar requirements exist in other areas of the TU?

Within the scope of projects, we also accompany the introduction of standard software systems - from pilot operation to the operational phase. Where possible and necessary, we act as a link between the customer and the supplier when it comes to customizing.

Michael Koschinski
Michael Koschinski
Teamleader "IT Requirements Management / PPM "
„I can remember times when software systems were procured and then it was considered how they could be used in the most sensible way. Now, the broad market for standard software makes it possible to specify one's requirements in advance in order to be able to make the best possible selection from a large number of solutions.“
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