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Introducing ourselves

Team "DataNet"

The DataNet team operates the data network of TU Dortmund University and coordinates all surrounding demands, like technical evolution and expansion into new buildings and areas. In addition, we take care of all elementary network operation services:

  • Multi-tenant capable DHCP server
  • Multi-tenant capable DNS system with Microsoft AD interface
  • VPN service
  • Multi-tenant firewall and IPS
  • Radius server for AAA
  • NTP server


During the progress made moving away from classic telephony to VoIP, the data network is evolving into the sole communication carrier on campus and has thus gained importance. To the same extent, the requirements for 24/7 availability have increased. To accommodate this, all important systems are designed redundant and interconnected via redundant cable routes. We operate two redundant data centers and supply more than 80 individual sites with data network connection and link them to the campus backbone. Given that size, reconstructions and expansions of the data network are daily business just as relocating employees, diagnosing faults and monitoring operating parameters.


Wi-Fi network is expanding steadily over the past few years and has seen the strongest growth in terms of subscribers and access points. Every day, up to 15000 users are connected to more than 1000 access points. Since most of the TU buildings date back to a time, when WLAN availability and coverage were not yet an issue, it is a particular challenge for the team to provide the necessary infrastructure to operate the access points on-site and to close coverage holes. Even today, an average of one additional AP per week is installed somewhere on campus to improve coverage there. In addition, there is an ongoing trend: coverage is also expected in the outdoor areas of the central campus. This area will become higher focus in future expansion strategy. We are currently planning the comprehensive expansion of Emil-Figge-Str. 50 and the lecture halls with modern 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) access points.


As reported earlier, telephone technology is changing these days. Today most of the phones are POTS or ISDN devices, but that will change and next year there will be more VoIP devices than old phones. Actually, the team exchanges more than 7000 old phones on campus and replaces them with modern VoIP phones. VoIP telephony raises the bar of availability one more time. Given that, all the network devices needed for the VoIP system will be battery backed by USV systems during this project, to keep the phone system up and running for 20 minutes during a power outage.

Web Server:

If you like to host a website, then you have come to the right place. We offer multi-tenant web servers on a shared web hosting platform, which can be managed via web tools. If you are interested, please feel free to contact our service desk.

Christian Kober
Christian Kober
Teamleader "DataNet"
„We connect the TU: Whether LAN, WLAN or phone, team DataNet stands for smooth communication on campus and beyond. Our motto: The bits must flow – all the time.“
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