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Introducing ourselves

Team "CC ERP/BI"

CC ERP/BI stands for Competence Center Enterprise-Resource-Planning/Business Intelligence. We mainly take care of SAP and BI.


Since 2012, the administration of TU Dortmund University has been using SAP software for the administration of finances, personnel and procurement. SAP is a so-called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in which business administration processes are handled. In addition to the functionality for the administration, it also offers interfaces for decentralized users, via which applications can be submitted, approvals issued, and insights and evaluations of the processes can be carried out without media discontinuity. In particular, the following processes are consistently supported:

  • Requesting leave
  • Business trip application and accounting
  • Procurement
  • Invoice processing

We perform the following tasks in this environment:

SAP Basis Support

As part of SAP Basis Support, we ensure a stable SAP system landscape in terms of performance, availability and security. This includes

  • the installation, maintenance and configuration of the systems
  • the monitoring of interfaces to non-SAP systems
  • the preparation and implementation of migrations and upgrades
  • error analysis, correction and, if necessary, forwarding to SAP
  • importing SAP notes and support packages, and
  • user and authorization management

SAP Application Support

As part of SAP application support, we look after the SAP applications and modules used in the finance, procurement and HR areas, as well as the decentralized functions provided for vacation, travel, procurement and incoming invoice processing. We

  • advise the specialist departments on the development and implementation of solution concepts for new requirements
  • analyze and clarify errors or report them to SAP
  • carry out necessary adjustments (customizing) of the system
  • administer workflows and interfaces

SAP Development

We ensure the continuous development of the SAP system by

  • taking up new requirements from the departments, e.g. within the framework of the regular SAP operating rounds led by the ITMC or the active cooperation with the SAP universities of the state of NRW
  • Planning, coordination and implementation of further development projects in coordination with the respective specialist departments and/or the university management

Business Intelligence (BI)

At the ERP/BI Competence Center, we operate, maintain and configure the TU Dortmund University's business intelligence solution based on Cognos software for the administration. A Business Intelligence (BI) system provides systematic reporting based on centrally provided validated and historicized data.

Cognos is used to select, validate and uniformly prepare the data relevant to reporting from a wide variety of procedures and systems at TU Dortmund University, e.g. Campus Management and the SAP system. Based on this, the administration and decentralized user groups can be provided with reports using the normalized and validated data.

Support provided by ERP/BI Competence Center for BI systems and applications includes:

  • installation, maintenance and configuration of the Cognos systems,
  • monitoring the interfaces to the data-providing systems,
  • design and implementation of data extraction, transformation and loading processes,
  • error analysis, description and reporting,
  • support for report creation
  • user and authorization management.
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