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Introducing ourselves

Team "CC Development"

The team coordinates the new development, maintenance and further development of the various software solutions of the TU Dortmund. In addition to the TU App, the interactive map, the functions in the ServicePortal, like the application for the UniCard, this also includes customized solutions for faculties, central institutions and administration.

Starting with problem analysis and requirements gathering, we look at what exactly is needed and must be considered, and what the finished product should look like. Sometimes it turns out in the analysis of the requirements that no new software needs to be written. An existing software solution can be used. Or it is determined that the final solution must be more powerful than what is already available on the market. Software development is a creative process that requires the developers to have a lot of knowledge about the respective topic and a good overview of existing solutions and interfaces.

Often, a "small" version of the software with few features is first implemented and the user experience and usage behavior is evaluated. In live operation, one often discovers requirements that one would not have expected before. This is why user feedback is so important.

Finally, the software is created and tested according to a project plan. The team mostly uses Java on the server and Angular in the browser.

Arne von Irmer in his office
Arne von Irmer
Teamleader "CC Development"
„Software is the link between man and machine. For us, it is therefore of particular importance to develop intuitive, low-barrier and functional software. Together with our customers, we create customized solutions that we then maintain and operate.“
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