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Introducing ourselves

Team "Service Desk"

Information technology (IT) is being used in more and more areas of the university. But what if IT breaks down and something doesn't work as intended? Or if I have a question but don't know the right IT solution? Who can I turn to in the ITMC, who is actually responsible for my problem or my inquiry? This is where the ITMC's Service Desk can help.

The Service Desk is the central point of contact for all questions regarding the ITMC's services. Here, a competent team specifically trained for your questions is at your disposal.

In first-level support, we take your inquiries and fault reports and solve them directly. Complex malfunctions or questions are dealt with in a qualified manner and forwarded to the second-level support within the ITMC.

In the telephone switchboard we take incoming calls from outside and transfer them to the right contact person within the university.

This is another way to characterize our job: We solve your inquiry or bring questioner and contact person together.

How Does the Service Desk Work?

The service desk uses a ticket system to record, track and coordinate requests and faults. For inquiries that are not directly resolved, a ticket is generated and users receive an e-mail with a ticket number as a kind of order confirmation. Usually, a response is sent on the same working day.
Based on this ticket number, the user and the ITMC can track the request at any time with regard to its processing status. All requests that we cannot resolve directly in first-level support are forwarded to the ITMC experts (2nd level) and the status of your ticket is tracked. The Service Desk's responsibility for your ticket only expires when a satisfactory solution has been found.

You can find out how to reach us on the corresponding contact page.

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