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Introducing ourselves

Team "CC Campus Management"

The team "Competence Center Campus Management" ensures the operation of the IT infrastructure for the administration and Organization of studies and teaching at TU Dortmund University. This includes the tools for application and admission to studies, student administration, examination administration and event management. The IT infrastructure for these apps includes both the workstation systems in the university administration as well as the online services and central databases.

In addition to technical operation, we also provide users with technical support in the following areas, among others:

  • For application and admission to studies, we configure the application portals and ensure the connection to the DOSV system of the Foundation for University Admission.
  • To enable students to register for exams online and view their grades, we translate the examination and study regulations with their structures and rules into the logic of the application system.
  • We advise the faculties on the organization of course registrations, coordinate the procedures used in the online course catalog with them, and carry out seat allocation as automatically as possible.

The HIS e.G. software generation currently in use comprises the following applications:

  • Campusportal HISinOne with the currently productive modules:
    • APP: Application and enrolment for admission restricted and unrestricted degree programmes
    • STU: Study management - from enrolment to de-registration
  • Online and workplace systems for organising your studies:
    • POS: The Examination Organisation System (Examination Office)
    • BOSS: Examination registration, view of achievements and booking of examinations
    • LSF: The course catalogue for teaching and studies

The BOSS, POS and LSF systems are currently being gradually integrated into the HISinOne Campusportal as part of the "Campus Management" project.

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