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Introducing ourselves

The Team "Base Applications"

The Basic Applications team ensures the operation of campus-wide applications to support digital teaching and learning as well as collaborative work, database and document management systems, and identity and access management.

Our area of responsibility is divided into the following three main areas:

Base Applications

The systems we support include a variety of mostly Linux-based applications. We support all facets of daily collaboration at the TU campus. The following applications are operated by us:

  •     Learning platform (Moodle)
  •     Plagiarism detection software (e.g. Turnitin)
  •     Open repository for research, teaching and studies (Eldorado, SfBS)
  •     Team collaboration platforms (Confluence, Redmine)
  •     Scan exams (EvaExam)
  •     Portal for the allocation of internships during the practical semester (PVP NRW)
  •     Streaming portal for videos in the area of teaching & research
  •     Survey tools (online surveys, voting systems)
  •     Document management system


We offer the installation and operation of Oracle and MySQL DBS as a central service - both for general purpose use and for special applications. The work is not limited to the installation and operation of these systems. Rather, the support and consulting of members of the Technical University of Dortmund is part of our tasks.

Identity- and Access-Management

The IDM system serves as a central instance for the distribution of identity data and accounts within the IT infrastructure of TU Dortmund University. Through this central component, value-added services such as Microsoft Exchange, SAP, UniCard and LSF or IT services such as VPN, eduRoam and library lending are provided with valid user data.

Protocols such as LDAP, OAuth or SAML (Shibboleth) can be used to connect additional applications for authentication and authorization purposes. One tool here is the Single Sign-On service, which enables the use of many TU-internal services after a single login. Using Shibboleth-Identity Provider, external services such as Asknet or Dreamspark can also be accessed within the framework of the DFN-AAI federation.

Are you interested in our offer or do you need support for the operation of further applications? To contact us, please contact the ITMC Service Desk.

Dennis Stracke
Dennis Stracke
Team Leader "Base Applications"
„Basis in Greek means both foundation and base, and this is how we in the team understand our task: we work mostly on the technical side of basic applications and services, but are always aware of their essential importance in the context of the university.“
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