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Completed Project

Listening Loop in the Audimax

Project Duration

01.07.2015 - 09.10.2015

Project Description

During the lecture-free period, an inductive hearing loop was installed in the Audimax for the lower six rows. With such a device, hearing-impaired persons who use a hearing aid with a so-called T-coil have the possibility to follow lectures and talks without disturbing noises from the room. In new buildings, hearing loops are usually installed in the screed or under the floor covering, for example in the lecture halls Seminar Room Building I, Mechanical Engineering III, Otto-Hahn-Straße 12 and in the Logistics Campus. For an existing building such as the Audimax, the ITMC and the Department of Building and Facility Management worked with a specialist company to find an option that did not require the removal of the entire seating or the floor covering. A practical solution was found for the first six rows of the university's largest lecture hall. Within three days, the specialist company was able to install and calibrate the hearing loop. This made it possible to make another important event room barrier-free for the hearing-impaired.

Customer Benefits

People with disabilities now have the opportunity to follow sound signals in the front rows of the Audimax without interference.

Project Management