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Blocking of the app for Android and iOS is now active

You can no longer access your work TU Exchange mail account with the Android and IOS Outlook APP. Uninstall this app and change your password.

The popular Outlook app for iOS and Android from Microsoft retrieves your work email from our mail server via the Microsoft cloud if a TU Exchange account is configured. This is only not the case if mail retrieval is configured via an IMAP account (without calendar functions). This means that your TU password is known to Microsoft cloud services after using this app and business mail content may be temporarily stored in the Microsoft cloud for the duration of the connection or longer. You and we have no control over this. There is no direct secure communication between the Outlook app for IOS and Android on your smartphone and the TU Dortmund University mail server.

Points 3.4.2 and 3.4.3 of TU Dortmund University's IT security concept prohibit the disclosure of TU passwords to third parties.

By order of the ITMC management, we are now blocking access of this app to the TU Dortmund University Exchange server after a generous grace period. The block was announced on the ITMC pages on 06.07.2023.


Instructions for alternative mail clients for Android and IOS for retrieving your business mail can be found here:

If you are affected by the block, you must change your TU password once in the Service Portal after uninstalling the Outlook app, as your previous password is stored on Microsoft servers.

Service Portal password change: